School Visits


i visit schools with the ambition to give kids the courage to explore their creative capacities.

One of the great things about a comic is that so little information is required to convey so much. Just a stick man and a word or two is already enough to start a journey.

I’ve developed 1-2 hour workshops in which I offer students the chance to develop their own ideas with the objective of creating their own comic.

I encourage the kids to just go one step at a time, with the help of free association they all discover their unique take or perspective. Inspiration is taken from drawing simple expressive characters and random word choices. From there it's a matter of asking questions and seeing where the story takes them.

I’m also available to give talks to children aged 11+ about what creativity is and how to develop it. During this talk I ask questions, draw and use stories from my own experience to promote an understanding of this often misunderstood domain.

To understand more about about the kind of topics I like to discuss, which I believe are associated with creativity, check out the videos below.


Part 1: What is "The Creative Path?"

Part 2: Why Bother?