Andrew Hammond

Writer and illustrator


Thank you for visiting this site to learn about Spacekid iLK.

I'm a writer/illustrator from London, where I've been working as a freelancer for over nine years; writing copy, drawing storyboards, and developing concept art for TV, Films and Video Games.

One of the best things about being self-employed has been the freedom it's given me to pursue personal projects, like this one. 

“Spacekid iLK: Invasion 101,” began its life in March 2017.

Since studying screenwriting at University, I've looked for ways to combine writing and drawing to tell stories. This exploration eventually gave birth to iLK.

I hope you enjoy reading “Spacekid iLK: Invasion 101.” Please get in touch to let me know what you think.

Below you’ll find a short video which tells you a little more about my motivations for making this book.


To find out more about Andrew you can visit his portfolio site: